Binary Options: 10 tips for investing in binary options

When you are looking to invest in the futures exchange, binary options are the most popular and viable investment. You just need to understand the terminology and know the benefits offered by each broker.

“Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and may result in the loss of all of its funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. ”

This post serves as a high quality resource, in everything related to the binary options market.

Binary options, also known as smart trading. Instead of having to buy shares in a company, you can simply speculate which direction it will go (up or down) at a predetermined time.

For example, you could choose to buy an APPLE binary option for $ 35, with the expectation that it will be worth more than the purchase, by the end of the day. If you are correct, you will receive between 70-90% return on your investment (depending on the broker you choose and other factors).

If you are wrong and the value of the stock ended up decreasing, the broker usually returns a symbolic value to you on your investment (usually $ 1.50 for every $ 10 invested).

In the beginning, binary operations were only traded by those involved in the financial system and with direct access to the market.

Fortunately, in the last few years binary options can be obtained through these so-called “brokers” who use their individual platforms, with direct access to the user.

Some offer bonuses for a novice investor but their platforms are not the best. Others offer excellent platforms, where the investor can carry out his transactions with ease and independence, but do not offer bonuses on the initial registration.

Here, we will carefully analyze the most popular brokers so that you can make your choice.

10 tips for investing in binary options:

As with any investment, in the beginning it is always recommended to check our investor profile to find out if the product we have chosen is the most suitable for us.

Once we are clear that our profile is ideal for trading in binary options the next one will be the choice of the trading platform.

Choose a platform that suits your needs.

Among the characteristics to be taken into account when choosing a trading platform, we must focus on the following:

Whether it is regulated or not:

It is always advisable to choose a regulated broker.
Your security system: The platform should give us confidence. Make sure that the security system is administered by a trusted provider within the market and that the encryption is at least 128 bit SSL.

The percentage of return:

It is advisable to choose a trading platform that offers a return on investment between 65% -90%. The advantage of binary operations is that we can see in advance what profitability we will obtain when the options are finalized and have an idea of ​​the benefits.

If you offer refunds for out of the money transactions:

If we do not want to lose all the capital invested in a bad decision, the most convenient option is to opt for a platform that offers a refund on transactions that finalize out of the money. In general brokers offer a 15% refund.

That doesn’t require high fees and extra commissions:

Beware of platforms that charge high commissions and additional overheads for just about everything. Forget about sites that ask for extra payments. The goal is to make money, so the less the platform requires us economically, the better.

Asset selection with a wide variety:

It is always interesting to look at the selection of underlying assets that the platforms offer. Above all, it has a variety of currency pairs, indices and commodities.

Once the most suitable trading platform for our investor profile has been chosen, it is important to have knowledge about how the markets will affect this type of operations and what factors should be taken into account in order to operate with more favorable results.

Take into account the volatility of the markets

Trading in binary operations is often complicated by fluctuations in the markets, which can cause changes in the direction of trends from one moment to the next.

Start trading with minimal capital.

Especially in the beginning, the most recommended is usually to invest as little capital as possible. Without experience, the risks are much greater, so it is advisable to manage capital in the best possible way so as not to lose completely when starting with trading.

Use a demo or simulator account.

For the more indecisive, Open a free binary option demo accounts can help to get an idea of ​​how these types of operations work.

For others it can also be a good way to gain experience. Free simulators are also useful for planning a strategy and seeing if it works or not without exposing us to any risk.

Learn to manage the risk.

Investing is not a game of chance. It is partly true that we are just as likely to hit our prediction as it is to lose, but it doesn’t work that way.

It is really important to analyze the markets to carry out operations with more fruitful results and to know that there are ways to manage the risks.

Stay well informed

As they say, information is the key to success. The more information we have about the markets and everything related to the financial assets that we are going to deal with besides the factors that will affect their trends, the better the results will be.

Always operate according to a plan

Investments must always be made in the most objective way possible. Investing with a previously established plan can increase the chances of carrying out happy ending transactions.

For our plan, we can rely on some or other strategy and use technical and fundamental analysis to study markets and their movements more deeply.

Master emotions.

Investors require discipline, so it is important not to get carried away by emotions. Success will depend on how well we develop in trading, how calm we are when it comes to doing online trading.

Diversify capital and operations.

Even if large investments offer greater profitability, the risks to which we are exposed are also greater. That is why it is convenient to open several operations with more or less honest deposits and to diversify the capital in several underlying assets.

Don’t forget to learn from mistakes.

If you make mistakes it is good to face them to do better next time. Do not allow yourself the luxury of making the same mistakes over and over again.

China is making giant strides on its cryptocurrency – $ 3 million up for grabs and (more) a huge lottery ahead

The world’s number one asset management company now allows two of its funds to purchase bitcoin derivatives. This first foray into cryptoassets follows the change in tone of BlackRock, now more accommodating towards these highly speculative assets. In Europe, regulators remain vigilant with regard to these products.

Never 2 without 3 – Far ahead of the rest of the world, China continues to test its MNBC. In addition, the city of Shenzhen is preparing to host a giant new lottery to democratize the crypto-yuan.

A new lottery for Shenzhen

China has been working on creating a Central Bank Digital Currency (MNBC) for several years now. Following a series of life-size tests carried out in 5 cities across the country, the country is now trying to democratize its crypto-yuan.

However, since November 2020, the pilot city of Shenzhen has organized 2 giant lotteries, during which residents had the opportunity to win 200 crypto-yuan. The goal was simple: distribute it for free to promote adoption of MNBC.

With two successful editions in November 2020 and early January 2021, the city will therefore put the cover back.

This time around, it’s a lottery totaling $ 3 million in prize money. Each winner will pocket a “red envelope” containing 200 crypto-yuan.

Obviously, Shenzhen is not the only one to have carried out this type of project. Eh yes ! The city of Suzhou did the same last December with the same success. Certainly, the 4 corners of China are in great shape.

Top DeFi tokens poised to make big gains against Bitcoin

Bitcoin has formed a double top near its all-time high, while tokens related to decentralized finance are making solid gains.

By failing to achieve a new all-time high, Bitcoin is vulnerable to a strong short-term correction. From its high of nearly $ 20,000, BTC is already down 6% after falling back below $ 19,000.

This could be good news for those who trade DeFi tokens instead of BTC to accumulate more sats.

Several popular Bitcoin traders have pointed an Immediate Edge, and one of them has said that “Major DeFi / BTC pairs show 50-100% higher moves”.

Source: Twitter
DeFi tokens are on the move
The trader also said that almost all DeFi-related tokens are likely to outperform Bitcoin in the coming weeks. Many of them are posting double-digit gains after the drops they suffered following the launch of the protocols a few months ago.

The analyst predicted four DeFi tokens that he believes will be the best performing: SushiSwap, Aave, Synthetix, and Uniswap.

DeFi & blockchain

SUSHI has already made massive gains over the last 24 hours with a 30% increase and raises the price to $ 2 for the first time since mid-September when prices were falling.

So far, the protocol’s governance token is down 75% from its peak of over $ 8, so even a 50% recovery could double current prices.

The guarantee also appears to be returning to SushiSwap after the attempted security vulnerability that occurred over the weekend. Since November 27, the total blocked value (TVL) in the protocol has increased by 34%, thus reaching 738 million dollars, although it is far from its maximum, since the current TVL is half of what it was before Uniswap’s vampire attack.

Locked value (TVL) near its all-time high

Aave’s native token has gained around 16% over the last week and is approaching $ 80 once again, while Synthetix’s SNX token is at nearly $ 5.

Uniswap’s UNI token also appears poised for further gains, given that it is below half of what it was during the initial high when it topped $ 8. Today UNI is trading at $ 3.70 and has gained 56% over the past thirty days.

Other DeFi tokens that are making big moves right now are Serum, Swerve, Cream, and Curve, among others, according to Messari DeFi.

On December 1, the total value locked across the industry hit an all-time high of $ 14.74 billion, according to DeFi Pulse. Today, it’s back down to $ 14.26 billion, but it doesn’t look like it’s reversing its trend just yet.

DeFi in Bitcoin: The World’s Most Secure Smart Contract Network? analyzed in Cryptonight

Bitcoin and DeFi together may not be very popular terms in the same project, because, essentially, Ethereum is the leading smart contract platform in the decentralized finance industry. However, despite the robustness of Bitcoin as a system, it is possible to develop a myriad of financial protocols on its network – which include DeFi protocols – and this would denote that Bitcoin could become the home of the decentralized network of smart safest contracts in the world.

Is Bitcoin part of the DeFi revolution? The answer could be yes, although other unknowns would appear: How is it possible? How much is the improvement compared to Ethereum? How far can you go?

DeFi and its risks

Many of them, not to mention all of them, were answered at CryptoNight 2020, an event organized by the NGO Bitcoin Chile and of which Eudebate2009 is a media partner, and a place where RSK solutions were discussed as a network of smart contracts built on the network Bitcoin

Gabriel Kurman, co-founder and current RSK was in charge of exposing the true integration of decentralized smart contract networks with the robust, strong and seemingly inflexible Bitcoin network, sponsored by the project that he and RSK support.

Bitcoin and smart contracts is no longer just an idea, it is now a reality

The problem is clear. After more than 8 months of confinements, economic debacles, job losses, and signs of financial unsustainability, it was shown that this process of “inequity, all it has done was to worsen even more”, according to Gabriel’s statement in the introduction of your presentation.

Gabriel continued to denote that those better positioned benefited, while “those who have been fighting it the most, suffer the most; they are always the most vulnerable in this type of shocks ”.

Gabriel’s idea showed that the current centralized financial pillars are unsustainable when the world requires equal opportunities, especially speaking of economic opportunities.

Their data pointed out that there are more than 3 billion people ignored by the system, which in turn, are mostly part of the most vulnerable already mentioned.

The strength of Bitcoin

Starting from this relevant problem, perhaps the philosophy of DeFi can be better perceived: a financial system decentralized in opportunities, decentralized in participation, decentralized in control, and decentralized in operation.

But for Gabriel, you cannot talk about DeFi without starting with Bitcoin, since, first of all, “Bitcoin has taught us why it is important that the system that is going to help us replace [the traditional financial system], has to be decentralized ”.

Words from Gabriel Kurman in his introduction to CryptoNight 2020.
Why Bitcoin?

Although Bitcoin “represents better than any other cryptoactive in the system” the purpose of DeFi, given its governance, scarcity, and global neutrality; the elasticity factor is always present.

“Bitcoin lacks programmability, scalability and automation if we want it to really serve us to end the problems of inequality that the system has.”

Gabriel said.

On the other hand, regarding the reality of a decentralized financial system, for the co-founder of RSK and his colleagues it was not possible to choose the programmability of the smart contracts of Solidity in Ethereum, since in addition to the fact that Ether could not be compared to BTC as a safe haven for the necessary collateralization, the “world’s computer” network was not going to be able to cope with the security level of the Bitcoin network.

Indeed, if you talk about the power of hashing as a security factor within a decentralized data network, Bitcoin leads, and Ethereum is far behind. According to data from Glassnode, the hashing power of Bitcoin, measured in Ehash / sec (quintillion hashes per second) is 134 Ehash / sec, while Ethereum, whose figure can be measured in Thash / sec (trillions of hashes per second) , is 252 Thash / sec.

The hashing power of Bitcoin reaching 134 quintillion hashes per second.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin network is approximately 500,000 times more secure than Ethereum in terms of hashing power, or mining power.

In addition to this, Gabriel highlights how the Bitcoin network continues to lead the amount of value transferred per second in a way that is also safe and efficient, where the non-viability of attacks on the network is noted taking into account the economic incentives of the herself.

On RSK, this second layer network that runs on top of Bitcoin already accumulates 60% of all the hashing power of Bitcoin, that is, a value that would be around 80 Ehash / sec, which is the same as approximately 300,000 times the total power Ethereum mining.

In other words, and according to Gabriel’s own:

“To make an attack on RSK, you have to have 60% of the cost necessary to make an attack on Bitcoin, and this makes RSK the most secure smart contract platform on the planet.”

Words from Gabriel Kurman in his presentation of CryptoNight 2020.

Gabriel Kurman during his presentation with the value of 58.9% for RSK’s hashing power absorbed from the Bitcoin network.

The capacity of the RSK-Bitcoin duo

In addition to using the Bitcoin network as the engine to give life to RSK, smart contracts, which have multiple implementation possibilities, seek to take the value of the BTC currency for its functionality.

To test such ability of RSK, after Gabriel Kurman’s presentation, Manu Ferrari from Money On Chain entered the scene, one of the most important decentralized finance protocols built on top of RSK, based on financial services including the creation of the first backed stablecoin. with BTC.

Blockchain smart city

Money On Chain largely deploys RSK’s ability as a smart contract network using Bitcoin as its main power without dispensing with decentralization, which, as mentioned above, should always be present in the DeFi-led revolution.

The current and fully operational development of Money On Chain breaks down 3 products:

Dollar On Chain (DoC): described according to its official website as the first stablecoin backed one hundred percent by Bitcoin, with a value that seeks parity with the US dollar, but without the need for the centralization that resides in alternatives such as Tether. It should be noted that transactions with DoC have a very low cost compared to transfers of other stablecoins that run on Ethereum, mainly thanks to RSK’s solution as a network.

BPro, “Bitcoin on steroids”: a financial derivative directly anchored to BTC that with leverage manages to accelerate the returns on the price of Bitcoin, as well as the losses in this case. An interesting factor of this product is that the profit of all the performance that the BPro generate are in BTC and not in another currency, therefore, it is an attractive product for bitcoiners, in the words of Manuel.

BTCX, “Leveraged Bitcoin”: it is the BTC with more leverage, more focused on investors, speculators and traders, as it describes a financial derivative with more marked leverage than BPro, but with relatively low costs.

Money On Chain made this possible by adding a very predominant ingredient within the DeFi realm: governance.

Indeed, it is not the creators of Money On Chain who have all the power over their protocol and therefore their products, but it will be the governance given through their MoC token that will decide the fate of the project itself.

Even though the Total Blocked Value (TVL) of the entire Money On Chain system is hovering around a very low figure compared to similar protocols in Ethereum, the reality and capacity of RSK and the usability of Bitcoin was presented at CryptoNight 2020 as a viable alternative that solves important problems within the ecosystem encompassed by smart contracts, decentralized finance, and the new financial paradigm sponsored by Web 3.0.

The best blockchain stocks: the top 5 investments

Fortunately, when it comes to investments, we have a wide range of options. How about gold, silver, crypto stocks, Swiss stocks or the DAX? To diversify your portfolio, you should also take a look at the best stocks in the field of blockchain technology. Because as a crypto-enthusiastic person you should be clear: this technology and its potential is still at the very beginning.

What does that mean for us as investors? We are among the “first movers”, just like the companies that are settling in this area. Do you remember the time when Google was a novelty? “That will never prevail!” People have said over the Internet. For many users, Google was absolutely of no interest.

If we look at the share price of Google, we don’t have to discuss much anymore: Google was an underdog, meanwhile for many people Google is THE component of the internet par excellence. And Google serves an unbelievable number of sectors – innovative potential that we can also find in blockchain technology. With one difference: we already know that blockchain stocks are going to get really big. We just don’t know which ones.

Blockchain stocks: investing in the best stocks in 2021

Fortunately, the blockchain stocks are not dependent on the success of the Bitcoin course. Simply because the blockchain is now finding completely different use cases in addition to supporting crypto currencies. Buying blockchain shares makes sense even if you are not necessarily a fan of cryptocurrencies.

But first of all: what is a blockchain share? Blockchain stocks are securities issued by companies that (among other things) deal with blockchain technology. In addition, in this article you will find some suggestions about the best stocks in the blockchain sector!

Why are we hyping blockchain technology?

And now to the next basis: Why are we hyping blockchain technology? Because this technology has the potential to be “disruptive”, that is, to change society, the economy and much more suddenly and permanently. And what it looks like in favor of consumers and users. For the simple reason that the blockchain eliminates the need for middlemen. We store information on the blockchain that cannot be changed there. This transparency and security give trust.

A short example … To transfer euros from your account to your sister’s account, you need the bank as a middleman. If you are unlucky, the bank will go bust, the financial crisis restricts access to your funds, and inflation eats up your funds. Because the fiat currencies not only bring middlemen with them, but also completely different dangers for the storage of value. So, you are now sending a euro amount to your sister, but you have to rely on the service of the bank and in the worst case even pay for it.

The blockchain changes that. Because it connects your wallet with your sister’s wallet and thus replaces the bank as a middleman. Sure, you now have full control over your money – and full responsibility. Win win.

Blockchain Technology Stocks: The Top 5 Blockchain Stocks

With the best blockchain stocks, you have the opportunity to invest indirectly in the development of the sector and, ideally, to benefit. The companies that issue blockchain-related stocks use this technology in very different ways. There are companies from the mining sector, but also software, finance and more.

The top 5 blockchain stocks are:

  • RIOT Blockchain Share
  • HIVE Blockchain Share
  • Advanced Blockchain Share
  • Codebase Ventures share
  • DigitalX share

And it is precisely these specimens that we take a closer look at below!

The best blockchain stocks: Riot blockchain stocks

Behind Riot Blockchain is a US company that has been around since 2000. Actually a biotechnological company, which found its way into blockchain technology in 2017.

Riot Blockchain Inc. is focused on Bitcoin mining and supports the Bitcoin blockchain by participating in the Bitcoin consensus system through proof-of-work mining, looking for the next block and building on the chain. We want to be one of the largest and most affordable bitcoin manufacturers in North America.

The company’s security could almost be counted among the Pennystock shares, because it was in the single-digit range in December 2020. However, the short-term review is convincing:
And a long-term look into the past reveals that Riot Blockchain has already taken a bitcoin hype with it.

The best blockchain stocks: HIVE blockchain stocks

HIVE is an Icelandic company that has only been around since 2017. And here, too, everything revolves around mining the oldest cryptocurrency.


By the way, HIVE includes Genesis Mining, a well-known provider for cloud mining of various crypto currencies. It is good that, even when the last bitcoin is mined, Genesis continues, because there are many coins waiting to be scooped here.

In the long term, the investment in the HIVE Blockchain share should be worthwhile. Because the Bitcoin hype 2017/2018 took the security with it profitably. The paper now ranks in moderate regions, but we see constant growth here too.

The Best Blockchain Stocks: Advanced Blockchain Stock

Now we come to a blockchain share from Germany, more precisely from Berlin. Because that’s where Advanced Blockchain AG is based and works on the integration of blockchain technology for a wide variety of application areas.

Advanced Blockchain AG is a blockchain venture studio that focuses on promoting, building and investing in breakthrough technologies. We strive to offer the best possible products in every way. In contrast to traditional startup incubators, we believe 100% in our company’s investments and projects and will do everything in our power to ensure their success. We believe in perfecting every process and every facet in connection with our products, whereby no detail is too small.

The Advanced Blockchain security has not been listed on the stock exchange for too long. Accordingly, the past of the paper gives us little information about where the course could go in the future. However, like many others, the company could be one of the winners in the “first mover” segment.

The Advanced Blockchain share is still a penny stock investment. So you can’t go wrong here!

The best blockchain stocks: Codebase Ventures stocks

Codebase Ventures is a Canadian company that has been around since 2017. At first, Codebase Ventures was called Blockchain Inc., but that is a thing of the past. Codebase Ventures is less about integrating blockchain technology than investing in the innovative sector.

Codebase Ventures Inc. invests early in great ideas in sectors with significant upward trends. We are looking for the innovators who will set the standards of tomorrow. We invest early, support these innovators and help bring their ideas to market.

The company is young, and so is the stock. If we look at the share price, we can clearly see that the security enjoyed the Bitcoin boom in 2018/2018.

.After that, it was mainly in one direction: downwards. Accordingly, the long-term review is less heady when it comes to Codebase Venture shares. However, if we look at the last few months of this security, we see hope.

Because the course is hesitantly going up. Another Pennystock among the best blockchain stocks?

The best blockchain stocks: DigitalX stocks

DigitalX was originally called Verus Investments Ltd. The blockchain company has also been around since 2017 and offers digital services for all aspects of blockchain technology. This includes asset management and close cooperation with the banking sector, as well as the development of Bitcoin ATMs in cooperation with the Australian payment provider StarGroup International.

DigitalX is a technology company that specializes in blockchain application development and digital asset management.

The long-term review reveals that this company has also benefited from the latest Bitcoin hype. But even in this case, the paper was unable to sustain the upswing and corrected heavily. Accordingly, we are again dealing with a penny stock investment.

But what do the short-term prospects tell us? The security has seen a steep upward trend in recent months. Maybe an indication of a bright future? It is also important to analyze to what extent the corporate philosophy secures the future of the company and its share.

Invest in blockchain indices?

We also have some suggestions for the indices from this segment:

  • STOXX 600 Technology Return
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Price EUR
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Price USD
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Return EUR
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Return USD
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Price EUR
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Price USD
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Return EUR
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Return USD
  • DJ STOXX Ex UK Technology Price EUR

Why invest in indices? The blockchain industry is now unmanageably large. More and more companies are integrating the innovative blockchain technology, and more and more blockchain shares are pouring into the market. We can assume that this is just the beginning of the world of the best blockchain stocks. Accordingly, it is already worth investing in the “first movers” now.

The best way to do this is to take as broad a spectrum as possible and invest directly in an index. Buying blockchain stocks is incredibly easy this way. The positive side effect is that you diversify your portfolio directly, i.e. minimize the risk of losses and increase the chance of profits.

However, diversification does not stop with one line of securities, even if these are the best stocks. Look around in other areas of the economy, consider investing in gold and silver and don’t forget the crypto currencies! “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – be creative and also stay outside the stock market for promising investment opportunities. And if you value digital assets, tokenization could offer you some interesting investment options.


The price of the most famous cryptocurrency is back to a value never reached since the end of 2017.

Bitcoin continues its momentum. The price of the most famous cryptocurrency jumped this Tuesday for the second consecutive session, gaining 1,500 dollars in less than 48 hours and approaching its all-time high of late 2017-early 2018.

At around 5:20 p.m. GMT (6:20 p.m. in Paris), bitcoin was costing $ 17,502, and had been evolving at levels more seen since the brief price spike at the end of 2017, when the cryptocurrency reached its all-time high at $ 19,041, before falling in early 2018.

“There is a real appetite for risky assets, including cryptocurrencies, due to the extraordinary economic stimulus measures by global banks and governments,” Fawad Razaqzada, analyst at Forex told AFP. com. Bitcoin Evolution has since exceeded $ 18,200 on November 18.

Bitcoin: An alternative to traditional currencies

Central banks, which are flooding the world with liquidity to support the global economy hit hard by the pandemic, are urging investors to look to all possible assets: in the United States, the S&P 500 and Dow stock indexes Jones Industrial Average both finished on record Monday.

Bitcoin, created in 2008 by an anonymous, presents itself as an alternative to traditional currencies, precisely because its issuance by a non-centralized network aims to prevent such monetary easing measures by institutions.

“I think investors have become more comfortable with the idea of ​​buying cryptocurrencies, many investment funds have been launched with this issue in mind in 2020,” said Michael Hewson, analyst at CMC Markets .

In addition to the interest of investment funds, bitcoin is of interest to other more traditional players in online payment. The rise of the past few weeks began when online payments giant PayPal announced on October 21 that it was launching its own platform for exchanging bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. What mark a new course towards the democratization of this currency.

Bitcoin has more than tripled since March: Spectacular comeback reveals how it could get out of the niche

In March, Bitcoin fans also had to realize that cryptocurrencies cannot completely decouple themselves from developments on the financial markets. In the middle of the Corona crash in March, the price of the flagship crypto currency also collapsed: At the low point, a Bitcoin was only worth just under $ 4,000, after it was still above the $ 10,000 mark in February.

But since then, Bitcoin has celebrated a spectacular comeback – again for the first time in its history. It’s now worth a little less than $ 16,000, but had briefly passed that mark. The cryptocurrency has more than tripled in eight months.

The planning of the US payment service provider PayPal was particularly decisive for this. In October, the group announced that customers in the USA will in future be able to buy, sell and store bitcoins via the platform. At the beginning of next year, it should also be possible to pay with cryptocurrencies at retailers using PayPal. “PayPal’s entry into the crypto sector was the main reason for the increased interest in Bitcoin,” said analyst Timo Emden in an interview with Business Insider. “When such a big name becomes active in the sector, acceptance also increases,” he adds.

For Bitcoin, acceptance is an important factor for the future

Discussions about digital currencies are also part of this acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The European Central Bank (ECB) is currently conducting a survey of the population on how they would feel about a digital euro as part of an official currency. “Discussions about the possible introduction of digital national currencies such as an e-euro also help that crypto currencies such as Bitcoin can shed their supposedly dubious image,” said Emden.

In fact, cryptocurrencies have long been associated with strong fluctuations and the associated rapid gains or high losses as pure objects of speculation. With more and more areas of application in everyday life and the discussion about using the technology in the background for official currencies, the discussion is getting out of this niche. A survey by the management and technology consultancy BearingPoint shows that Bitcoin is still a niche product. Of more than 2,000 respondents in Germany, only four percent said that they use crypto currencies. One in four, however, knows how the payment method works.

Bitcoin is also considered the new gold among fans

On the other hand, there are numerous Bitcoin fans on the stock exchange. Since the number of Bitcoins is limited, some investors are already comparing the cryptocurrency with gold. Some investment professionals therefore see Bitcoin as a safe haven on the stock exchange. In uncertain times – such as in the current corona pandemic – investors rely on corresponding asset classes. After the crash in March, the price of Bitcoin quickly stabilized again.

When it became known on Monday that Biontech and Pfizer were making great strides in their corona vaccine search, stocks jumped for joy around the world – and gold came under severe pressure. “Bitcoin also came back that day, but not as strong as the gold price. This shows that it is not just the uncertainty due to the corona pandemic that is driving the price, ”explains Timo Emden.

In fact, Bitcoin was anything but under pressure over the course of the week. Rather, it was quoted above the $ 16,000 mark for the first time since the beginning of 2018. “The current price increase is indeed rapid again, but cannot be compared with what happened in 2017,” said Emden. Back then, Bitcoin rose to its record high of around $ 20,000. “While investors today are waiting for a setback to enter, three years ago they wanted to buy at any price for fear of missing out on the rally. The result was the dramatic crash, ”says Timo Emden.

Bitcoin will continue to fluctuate widely

This dramatic crash spanned about a year, during which the value slumped from $ 20,000 to about $ 3,300. Numerous investors lost money and are now concerned about burning their fingers on Bitcoin again. “It is also true that cryptocurrencies – and thus also Bitcoin – suffer from strong fluctuations. Investors who sometimes cannot sit out heavy losses should stay away from the asset class, ”warns Emden.

But one thing is also clear to him: The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies is an important factor for the future. “Digitization and Industry 4.0 are clear signs that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will no longer disappear from the market.” He therefore also expects that the increase is not over yet. “If the current data situation continues, I expect further price gains for Bitcoin in the long term. The record high of around 20,000 US dollars is definitely a realistic goal in the coming months, ”says Emden, but advises interested investors to wait for a setback of at least 14,000 US dollars to get started.

A Bitcoin ETF would be “the accolade”

Anyone who is interested in investing in Bitcoins or crypto currencies in general has to buy them directly, because corresponding financial products are still hardly available on the market. It is true that the fund company Fidelity, one of the largest asset managers in the world, introduced a corresponding fund in August with the “Wise Origin Bitcoin Index Fund I”. However, it is not aimed at the masses with a minimum investment of $ 100,000. “There is still no approved fund or ETF for private investors, because so far the US Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected any attempt or postponed a decision. Only after this step will such a product be approved in Europe, ”Timo Emden expects.

Private investors could then use an ETF to track the performance of Bitcoin and would not be dependent on crypto exchanges, Bitcoin marketplaces or speculative financial products such as CFDs. For Timo Emden, a Bitcoin ETF would be beneficial for private investors, but not only for savers. “If an ETF is approved for the masses, that would be the accolade for Bitcoin. It would be another big step on the way of growing up for cryptocurrencies. “