The best blockchain stocks: the top 5 investments

Fortunately, when it comes to investments, we have a wide range of options. How about gold, silver, crypto stocks, Swiss stocks or the DAX? To diversify your portfolio, you should also take a look at the best stocks in the field of blockchain technology. Because as a crypto-enthusiastic person you should be clear: this technology and its potential is still at the very beginning.

What does that mean for us as investors? We are among the “first movers”, just like the companies that are settling in this area. Do you remember the time when Google was a novelty? “That will never prevail!” People have said over the Internet. For many users, Google was absolutely of no interest.

If we look at the share price of Google, we don’t have to discuss much anymore: Google was an underdog, meanwhile for many people Google is THE component of the internet par excellence. And Google serves an unbelievable number of sectors – innovative potential that we can also find in blockchain technology. With one difference: we already know that blockchain stocks are going to get really big. We just don’t know which ones.

Blockchain stocks: investing in the best stocks in 2021

Fortunately, the blockchain stocks are not dependent on the success of the Bitcoin course. Simply because the blockchain is now finding completely different use cases in addition to supporting crypto currencies. Buying blockchain shares makes sense even if you are not necessarily a fan of cryptocurrencies.

But first of all: what is a blockchain share? Blockchain stocks are securities issued by companies that (among other things) deal with blockchain technology. In addition, in this article you will find some suggestions about the best stocks in the blockchain sector!

Why are we hyping blockchain technology?

And now to the next basis: Why are we hyping blockchain technology? Because this technology has the potential to be “disruptive”, that is, to change society, the economy and much more suddenly and permanently. And what it looks like in favor of consumers and users. For the simple reason that the blockchain eliminates the need for middlemen. We store information on the blockchain that cannot be changed there. This transparency and security give trust.

A short example … To transfer euros from your account to your sister’s account, you need the bank as a middleman. If you are unlucky, the bank will go bust, the financial crisis restricts access to your funds, and inflation eats up your funds. Because the fiat currencies not only bring middlemen with them, but also completely different dangers for the storage of value. So, you are now sending a euro amount to your sister, but you have to rely on the service of the bank and in the worst case even pay for it.

The blockchain changes that. Because it connects your wallet with your sister’s wallet and thus replaces the bank as a middleman. Sure, you now have full control over your money – and full responsibility. Win win.

Blockchain Technology Stocks: The Top 5 Blockchain Stocks

With the best blockchain stocks, you have the opportunity to invest indirectly in the development of the sector and, ideally, to benefit. The companies that issue blockchain-related stocks use this technology in very different ways. There are companies from the mining sector, but also software, finance and more.

The top 5 blockchain stocks are:

  • RIOT Blockchain Share
  • HIVE Blockchain Share
  • Advanced Blockchain Share
  • Codebase Ventures share
  • DigitalX share

And it is precisely these specimens that we take a closer look at below!

The best blockchain stocks: Riot blockchain stocks

Behind Riot Blockchain is a US company that has been around since 2000. Actually a biotechnological company, which found its way into blockchain technology in 2017.

Riot Blockchain Inc. is focused on Bitcoin mining and supports the Bitcoin blockchain by participating in the Bitcoin consensus system through proof-of-work mining, looking for the next block and building on the chain. We want to be one of the largest and most affordable bitcoin manufacturers in North America.

The company’s security could almost be counted among the Pennystock shares, because it was in the single-digit range in December 2020. However, the short-term review is convincing:
And a long-term look into the past reveals that Riot Blockchain has already taken a bitcoin hype with it.

The best blockchain stocks: HIVE blockchain stocks

HIVE is an Icelandic company that has only been around since 2017. And here, too, everything revolves around mining the oldest cryptocurrency.


By the way, HIVE includes Genesis Mining, a well-known provider for cloud mining of various crypto currencies. It is good that, even when the last bitcoin is mined, Genesis continues, because there are many coins waiting to be scooped here.

In the long term, the investment in the HIVE Blockchain share should be worthwhile. Because the Bitcoin hype 2017/2018 took the security with it profitably. The paper now ranks in moderate regions, but we see constant growth here too.

The Best Blockchain Stocks: Advanced Blockchain Stock

Now we come to a blockchain share from Germany, more precisely from Berlin. Because that’s where Advanced Blockchain AG is based and works on the integration of blockchain technology for a wide variety of application areas.

Advanced Blockchain AG is a blockchain venture studio that focuses on promoting, building and investing in breakthrough technologies. We strive to offer the best possible products in every way. In contrast to traditional startup incubators, we believe 100% in our company’s investments and projects and will do everything in our power to ensure their success. We believe in perfecting every process and every facet in connection with our products, whereby no detail is too small.

The Advanced Blockchain security has not been listed on the stock exchange for too long. Accordingly, the past of the paper gives us little information about where the course could go in the future. However, like many others, the company could be one of the winners in the “first mover” segment.

The Advanced Blockchain share is still a penny stock investment. So you can’t go wrong here!

The best blockchain stocks: Codebase Ventures stocks

Codebase Ventures is a Canadian company that has been around since 2017. At first, Codebase Ventures was called Blockchain Inc., but that is a thing of the past. Codebase Ventures is less about integrating blockchain technology than investing in the innovative sector.

Codebase Ventures Inc. invests early in great ideas in sectors with significant upward trends. We are looking for the innovators who will set the standards of tomorrow. We invest early, support these innovators and help bring their ideas to market.

The company is young, and so is the stock. If we look at the share price, we can clearly see that the security enjoyed the Bitcoin boom in 2018/2018.

.After that, it was mainly in one direction: downwards. Accordingly, the long-term review is less heady when it comes to Codebase Venture shares. However, if we look at the last few months of this security, we see hope.

Because the course is hesitantly going up. Another Pennystock among the best blockchain stocks?

The best blockchain stocks: DigitalX stocks

DigitalX was originally called Verus Investments Ltd. The blockchain company has also been around since 2017 and offers digital services for all aspects of blockchain technology. This includes asset management and close cooperation with the banking sector, as well as the development of Bitcoin ATMs in cooperation with the Australian payment provider StarGroup International.

DigitalX is a technology company that specializes in blockchain application development and digital asset management.

The long-term review reveals that this company has also benefited from the latest Bitcoin hype. But even in this case, the paper was unable to sustain the upswing and corrected heavily. Accordingly, we are again dealing with a penny stock investment.

But what do the short-term prospects tell us? The security has seen a steep upward trend in recent months. Maybe an indication of a bright future? It is also important to analyze to what extent the corporate philosophy secures the future of the company and its share.

Invest in blockchain indices?

We also have some suggestions for the indices from this segment:

  • STOXX 600 Technology Return
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Price EUR
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Price USD
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Return EUR
  • STOXX Biotechnology [BTC] Return USD
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Price EUR
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Price USD
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Return EUR
  • STOXX Communications Technology [CMT] Return USD
  • DJ STOXX Ex UK Technology Price EUR

Why invest in indices? The blockchain industry is now unmanageably large. More and more companies are integrating the innovative blockchain technology, and more and more blockchain shares are pouring into the market. We can assume that this is just the beginning of the world of the best blockchain stocks. Accordingly, it is already worth investing in the “first movers” now.

The best way to do this is to take as broad a spectrum as possible and invest directly in an index. Buying blockchain stocks is incredibly easy this way. The positive side effect is that you diversify your portfolio directly, i.e. minimize the risk of losses and increase the chance of profits.

However, diversification does not stop with one line of securities, even if these are the best stocks. Look around in other areas of the economy, consider investing in gold and silver and don’t forget the crypto currencies! “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – be creative and also stay outside the stock market for promising investment opportunities. And if you value digital assets, tokenization could offer you some interesting investment options.